About Chess

What a great waste of time! I’ve been playing chess more or less since the age of five. And now after 32 years when I might win my first tournament, I would be willing to give it all away.

I do not think it is just selfish of me to talk about this (now that I might get my first victory) but I’d also like to warn some of my closest and at the same time appraise what a great waste of time chess is.


Hulda, Part 1

It has been quite a while, but now she is back – Hulda. At this time she was somewhat reserved.

I’ve read a story of a poet, who had several cats. One was called Brigitte Bardot, because she liked to lay down on her back with her feet wide spread. The poet told Brigitte Bardot, the person, did not do the same for him.


a good cause

in case someone someday would like to support a good cause,

please visit http://stores.lulu.com/art4thehomeless.

thank you


reader's block on reader's blog

ain't havin´ speaker's block
although I should
while I'm readin´
this reader's blog

havin´ no writer's block
either, although I could
while enjoyin´ this
reader's blog

reader's block I got,
so bad
just a title,
a line or two,
is all I can do


Horse and the Lilac Moon – Elizabeth Edwards

Photography Prints

"My whole life is art, from the art here and at the sites mentioned below, to sites I run for and with artists. 1stAngel & Friends is my personal public blog, where a couple of friends and myself write posts on art, our lives and news for artists.

The Art Network is a site run by myself with FREE BLOGS for all creatives. It has a forum attached also and I give one on one help in there to anyone that asks.

. I also run an artists group on Facebook :) 1stAngel's Creatives. If you are an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson or a writer please, come and visit us.. Even if you are not any of these we would LOVE to meet you :)"

- Elisabeth Edwards


London Underground - Alan Malzard

Art Prints

I was born in Australia, came to Britain in the mid seventies and forgot to go back. I work in mixed medium, pen and ink, water based ink pens, watercolour and sometimes a mix of all of these. Art fills me with optimism, i am passionate about my own art but also everyone else, I mostly do graphic abstracts.
- Alan Malzard